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To provide an enjoyable travel experience and equal access to "special needs" travelers using LAWA airports and facilities.

LAWA's ADA Office is mandated under the Air Carrier Access Act* (ACAA) with ensuring airport facilities are accessible to individuals with special needs. This includes removal of barriers that may make it more difficult for a person with a disability to move freely in LAWA airports.

The Office works closely with the airport tenant community to ensure compliance with the ACAA. The Office assists travelers and tenants in resolving disputes regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It also works closely with the airport community to address ways of improving service and communications with the special needs community.

*Airport version of the ADA


- Advising management and appropriate divisions about new regulations and ways to address service needs of disabled travelers.

- Working with stakeholders in ways to educate employees about serving people with special needs.

- Preparing publications for distribution to the community on airport services for disabled travelers.

LAWA'S ADA OFFICE does NOT handle employee disability issues. Under the ACAA the office addresses issues pertaining to travelers with disabilities/special needs.